Why my weight isn’t an issue anymore

Ok so I know that for many woman, including myself, ‘weight’ has always been something that had a lot of impact on our everyday lives. As absurd as it might seem sometimes, woman are more often criticized on their weight, age and overall ‘appearance’. “It is what it is” you would think, well, not completely. As much as we all would love to fit ourselves into ‘a category’ every single person and every single body is unique on it’s own. With other words: “We should accept the body we’re in and learn to love it just the way it is.” For many, this is easier said then done and this might be why:

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Period Cup – Is it worth the hype?

Hi there! I’ve wanted to cover this topic for quite a while now BUT since I wanted to give you guys a 100% honest review/opinion I definitely needed some extra time to actually use the period cup a few times. So let’s go on to the review!

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