Behind The Blog


Hi, I’m Maja!

To answer your question right away, no, my name actually isn’t spelled with a ‘y’ in it, it just looks fancy when it is. I’m currently working as a customer service officer, have a degree in marketing and pr and what I love the most happens to be something completely different. I think that this is the part where we meet.

I love people, I love working with people but most of all I love analysing people and basically just analysing life, I guess in a way we all do, for ourselves, like, on a daily base.

On this blog I’d like to bring forward some topics that we often think of but don’t always discus, or analyse, from funny to heartwarming to sad and confronting topics from real life experiences and real people. If you’re in for those kind of topics, welcome to my blog, if you’re not, you’re welcome as well. 🙂

If we don’t relate to any of my posts and still would like me to discuss a certain topic, feel free to contact me for a chat! I’d love to connect with you guys, you can find me on:

Instagram: MAYAADEN__



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