Apartment Tour!

Since it’s been almost a month after we moved into our ‘new’ apartment I thought it would be fun to do a little apartment tour. We’re currently living in a 2 bedroom ground floor apartment and.. we have a garden! If you know me, you probably know how happy having a garden makes me! Just walking outside barefooted during the summer and soaking in the sun while laying on the grass, that’s what life is all about! So let’s jump right into it!

Starting off with the living room! We’ve kept the living room quite simple and ‘darker’ in color since the whole apartment and the kitchen are white and neutral. The couch is the same one we bought 3 years ago in Ikea so we will eventually replace it once it’s worn out and go for a slightly lighter gray couch for the living area. The carpet is from Volero, the armchair and the brown ‘block/poof’ are vintage so I won’t be able to link them. The tv furniture is an old one as well we’ve just given it a fresh black coat. The bookshelves are also from Ikea and were a DIY project of mine. I basically just bought 2 grey shelves that you can find HERE and I painted them black. It’s very easy to do and super cheap! If you don’t feel like DIY’ing, you can find a similar shelf here. The photo frames are from Action and the DIY mirror will have it’s own post very soon! The cat tower is from Lidl Belgium but your can find a similar one here as well, Budzik absolutely LOVES it!

The ‘dining room’ is collated with the living room so we decided to keep the black table and glass chairs and add 2 carpets underneath the table to add some structure to the whole ‘dark theme’. Both carpets are from Ikea. The kitchen was already installed in the apartment so we only had to dress it up a bit and add some bar chairs to fill up the space.

The garden, the hallway and the side kitchen drawer that we use for extra storage. The shoe rack is from Ikea and the drawer is vintage and is from this second hand store called De Snuffelaar.

The bedroom was also this DIY project of mine that you can find under a highlight on my instagram page! I absolutely LOVE this room and how simple but lovely it looks! The bed, sheets, clothing racks and the long mirror are from Ikea. The mirror on top of the bed is as well from De Snuffelaar, I got it for € 9 and I absolutely love it!

The bathroom doesn’t need much explanation I guess, it’s just a basic bathroom with a shower and a bath. I’m planning to add some more plants to the bathroom soon but since the bathroom is the darkest room in the apartment I still need to figure out the whole plant situation since not every plant is happy to live in a dark space. If you have some recommendations on bathroom plants, feel free to drop them in the comment section down below!

We also have a spare room that currently we’re using as a guest bedroom/storage room and then of course a toilet and a laundry room that I didn’t take a picture of since well, it’s the toilet and I don’t find laudry that exciting to show you guys sooo… 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the tiny home tour! I’ll see you guys soon! xoxo

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