Why my weight isn’t an issue anymore

Ok so I know that for many woman, including myself, ‘weight’ has always been something that had a lot of impact on our everyday lives. As absurd as it might seem sometimes, woman are more often criticized on their weight, age and overall ‘appearance’. “It is what it is” you would think, well, not completely. As much as we all would love to fit ourselves into ‘a category’ every single person and every single body is unique on it’s own. With other words: “We should accept the body we’re in and learn to love it just the way it is.” For many, this is easier said then done and this might be why:

You compare yourself with other people more then you should

Obvious, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you something, we all compare ourselves with other people so you’re definitely not alone in this one! Unfortunately this little ‘comparison’ game might make us really unhappy in our day to day lives. Of course you would love to have the same long hair as that gorgeous friend of yours or you would to order some Victoria Secret legs, I mean, who wouldn’t! The problem with this is that we often start worshiping other people and their features and forget about the wonderful things we have ourselves. Our desire to compare ourselves to others is a drive and while comparisons can be informative they’re almost always discouraging. So instead of constantly hating on your own body, try taking some time with it without judging. Just try to embrace what you have and the main reason you have it – so you can stay alive and moving!

Social media

You knew we were going to take it there didn’t you? Well, unfortunately as educational it can be, the internet sometimes is a place you should take a break from, especially when you’re feeling self-conscious all the time. I know that seeing perfect images of perfect people sometimes is a lot to deal with and that sometimes you just wish social media never existed but it doesn’t always have to be this way. Instead on focusing on perfect people go ahead and follow people who’s bodies are different but beautiful as well. Find some inspiration in other things that you like instead of putting all your main focus on pictures of people as miss Kim K who we all know ain’t made by god but Dr. Buildabutt.

Here are some VERY REAL girls I love and you should follow for sure:

How you see other people often isn’t the reality

I used to do this all the time, look at pictures of other girls and think how amazingly beautiful they are and how great their bodies look and how I’ll never in a thousand years fit into the same category of ‘beautiful’ as them. I even at one point struggled with an eating disorder because of this and I’m sure many of us have in a way as well. The thing is that many of the pictures you see online are edited and we all just love to pick out the best picture of us with the right angle etc. so in real life, we actually look nothing like the photo. Take for an example the pictures below, they were taken just a few weeks apart but NO ONE can lose this much weight over a short period of time so both pictures, are a very real representation of my belly. In the morning and in the afternoon.

You should learn to appreciate yourself more. We all have some extra fat we’d love to lose and we all sometimes hate on our love handles but they also make us very unique and more importantly they’re natural. Us girls deal with periods, bloating and hormonal changes every month so give yourself and your body a little break. We all gain weight, then lose it again, gain it back, lose it and so on. This is absolutely fine and should be normalized a bit more often.

All bodies are amazing and should be worshiped equally no matter the shape or size of it.

See you guys in my next post!


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