Period Cup – Is it worth the hype?

Hi there! I’ve wanted to cover this topic for quite a while now BUT since I wanted to give you guys a 100% honest review/opinion I definitely needed some extra time to actually use the period cup a few times. So let’s go on to the review!

Product information: 

  • OrganiCup (Since I live in Belgium I actually got mine from NewPharma)
  • Size A (Not given birth vaginally)
  • Comfort rating : 9/10
  • Price : 21 – 24 €

Ok, for those who are ready for some juicy girltalk keep reading, for those who might feel grossed out by even the title, you might not feel comfortable with reading this. THE ORGANICUP! I was so excited to try it out you guys, like really really excited BECAUSE:


Happy planet, happy me, you know! So at first it all seemed so good to be true since every single ‘hygiene’ product if marketed as if it LASTS FOREVER…So when I saw this, I was like No Way Jose!



Well, let me tell you, IT ACTUALLY DOES!



Basically how I used it was, I started my period, you know when you wipe and there’s like a bit of brown/red-ish spotting and all the alarms go off, yes, that. So I basically just SHOVE it in there *just kidding* and it well, at first it did feel quite strange to be honest but after maybe like 5 minutes I could barely even feel it. It’s kind of like a tampon but better if that makes any sense. At first, when I opened the packaging this thing looked HUGE but it actually fits perfectly, so if you’ve ever had sexual intercourse I would definitely recommend the size A!


Click HERE for the instruction video on how to use it. The period cup or OrganiCup, when put inside the vagina creates a light suction so it basically vacuums itself to your vaginal wall. To answer your question on this, NO it does NOT fall out! If you have a ‘heavy’ period like me I would recommend to empty the cup after 6-8 hours at least. On the days when your period is lighter you can definitely keep it in for 12 hours. The cup is made out of 100% medical grade soft silicone that when inserted adapts to your body temperature which makes really comfortable. Since you can’t put it in ‘dry’ I recommend when you have folded it, to put some saliva on the edges, this makes the insertion much easier! You can also use some lube but I prefer the more ‘natural’ solution over this!


94482575_3211693065531796_7574040604473032704_nI actually have tested this since I believe this is one of the biggest fears of everyone using the menstrual cup! On day 2-3 I usually have a very heavy flow and when using a pad or a tampon, I definitely need to change it every 2h. I kept the cup in for 8 hours when it ‘leaked’ (light spotting in panty). Since I normally change my pad every 2hours and I only needed to empty the cup after 8 hours I definitely believe that this is a better option for all of us, and if doesn’t produce any waste!



94572689_272241240470397_483415096198955008_n When you insert the cup it actually does not hurt at all, but when pulling it out, the suction may give you a ‘pulling’ painful sensation if you already have painful crampy periods. I’ve always hated tampons because of the dryness it caused when not having a heavy flow, this often made the ‘pulling out’ quite painful for me. If you are using tampons, the menstrual cup is a way better option! For those who are not used to tampons, this might feel a bit strange at first but it’s worth the try!



This is something that might scare people off since you need to rinse/clean the cup after you have emptied it, so you have to touch it with your hands and if your hands get dirty and you’re not at home it’s not that user friendly. I empty the cup after 8-12h, I put it in before I leave for work and empty it when I get back home. If you want to empty the cup at work of at some other place wherever you might be, you might want to pull out the cup with a bit of toilet paper and wipe it off with some toilet paper instead of rinsing it. When your period has stopped, you should boil it in hot water et voila.


  • lasts 8-12h
  • soft and easy to use
  • you don’t feel it and can perfectly work out with it
  • ecological
  • costs less than pads and tampons over time


  • more mess, you can’t toss it away but you have to clean it
  • some might find it gross (seeing their own blood etc.)
  • difficult insertion for some (young girls who had no intercourse, never used a tampon)

There you have it! I hope I’ve answered all your questions on this topic! If you have more questions about it, feel free to comment of message me and feel free to join the menstrual cup family as well!

I hope to see you soon!




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